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      Potato Chips Cutting Machine One- Stop Electronics PCB Layout To Assembly

      Time:2020-10-08 17:14:22 Click:



      Supplier: Shenzhen Grande Electronics
      Application: Potato Chips Cutting Machine One- Stop Electronics PCB Layout To Assembly

      Software: PADS

      1, Various machine interfaced.  High Speed Sewing Machine PCB Layout | Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer
      2, Equal-length for high speed traces.
      Lead time: 8-10 days


      PCB layout Features:
      1, Huge board with perfect layout
      2, Various machine interfaced, equal-length for high speed traces

      PCB Fabrication:
      Layers: 4
      Size: 171*148*1.6mm
      Surface Treatment: Im Au
      Material: FR-4/HTg170, 1oz finished copper
      Impedance Control Tolerance: +/-10%
      Others: 4/4mil, Via:8mil

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