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      Weighing Scales PCB Assembly Services | Printed Circuit Board Assembly | Grande

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      Supplier: Shenzhen Grande Electronics
      Layers: 4 
      PCB:FR-4/1.6mm, 1oz finished copper 
      Application:Weighing Scales PCB Assembly Services | Printed Circuit Board Assembly | Grande
      Surface Treatment: ENIG
      PCBA Lead time:3-4 weeks 
      Packing: Anti-static bag and compartmental packing 

      Twist: <0.75% 

      1, PCBA turnkey solution for Weighing Scales PCB Assembly Services | Printed Circuit Board Assembly | Grande.
      2, PCB Assembly, PCB fabrication / PCB layout, PCB re-layout. 
      3, Electronic Manufacturing Service. 
      4, SMT&DIP&PTH&BGA. 
      5, Components Sourcing. 
      6, Quick PCBA prototype. 
      7, X-ray test, the Internal Circuit Test (ICT) , Function Test (FCT) 
      8, Sample and small batch order are accepted. 

      PCBA Service 
      Customer offers: Gerber file, PCB Specification, BOM and Assembly Drawing. 
      Full-turnkey PCBA: 1-30Layers PCB, Components Sourcing, SMT, PCBA testing, PCBA Aging test, PCBA Packing and PCBA Shipping. 

      PCBA Quality Assurance 
      1, Certifications: UL, SGS, TUV, BV, ROHS, ISO9001: 2008, TS16949: 2008 
      2, 7 lines dust-proof SMT lines and DIP lines. 
      3, All line workers wear anti-static and dust-proof clothing. 
      4, All operators should pass strictly training before they start work. 
      5, SMT Equipment:solder paste printer in Jidakang,, Mounter in Panasonic, Re-flow, Wave Soldering and Semi-auto DIP 
      6, PCBA Test Equipment: ORT, Constant temperature and humidity chamber,3D CMM,X-Ray. 
      7, PCBA Test:ICT, Functional Circuit Test and X-ray test. 
      8, Package Processed: 
      0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1608, 2125, 3216 
      Micro QFP 0.2mm 
      Flip-chip, BGA, Connectors 
      BGA Ball Pitch=0.2mm 
      9, Each workstation in accordance with the SOP 
      10, Materials:FR-4, FPC, Aluminum,High TG,Halogen-Free, HF, CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-1, 94-V0 and so on. 
      11, Material Brand:KB, SHENGYI, NANYA and so on. 

      PCBA Lead Time 
      PCBA prototype: 7-10 working days after contract signed and EQ confirmed. 
      Mass production: partial delivery according to the customer’s requirement. 

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