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      Technical Article

      What is the benefit from scrap PCB boards recycling?

      Time:2019-04-30 13:51:34 Click:

      As you probably know, scrap PCB is a mixture of glass fiber fortified resin  and a variety of metals, which is a typical electronic waste. That’s to say, if these electronic waste isn’t properly handled, which will not only lead to a large loss of useful resources, but also cause serious harm to the environment and human health.


      The benefits of scrap PCB recycling:


      1.Metal powders such as copper and precious metals resolved from them can be fed into metal smelters as raw materials;


      2.Non-metallic components, such as glass fiber and resin, which can be used as fiber-reinforced materials or fillers;


      3.The waste residue can be used as building materials.



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