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      Access Control Custom PCB Prototype Service-PCB Manufacturer Shenzhen Grande

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      Lead Time: 10-15 days

      Supplier: Shenzhen Grande Electronic

      Layers: 4
      Application: Access Control Custom PCB Prototype Service-PCB Manufacturer Shenzhen Grande

      PCB Parameter: FR-4/HTG150
      Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold
      Testing: 100% E-test
      Package: Vacuum packing


      PCB Capabilities
      Layers: 1-30
      Quantity: 25,000 sq.m/month
      PCB Types: 5oz heave copper, Impedance board, HDI, HF board, Aluminum, FPC, Rigid Flex PCB
      PCB Basic Material Brand
      HF: Rogers, Taconic 
      HTG: S1000-2M, Lianmao IT180A
      Solder Mask: Taiyo PSR-2000/4000 Series
      Surface Treatment: HASL, Im Au, OSP, Im Sn, Im Ag, 50” Hard gold plated
      Mixed Surface Treatment: Im Au+OSP, Im Au+Golden Finger, Im Ag+Golden Finger
      PCB Technical Parameters
      Min trace width/space: outer 2.5/2.5mil, inner 3/3mil(1/3, 1/2oz)
      Min Via: 0.15mm/0.1mm(Laser)
      Min Annular Ring: 4mil
      Max copper thickness: 7oz 
      Max size: 650x1100mm
      Thickness Aperture Ratio: 20: 1
      PTH: +/-0.0075mm (min: +/-0.05mm)
      Outline: +/-0.1mm (min: +/-0.05-0.075mm)

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