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      Technical Article

      PCB Assembly: What is Centroid Data?

      Time:2017-08-08 14:56:18 Click:

      Shenzhen Grande Electronic requires centroid data to place the surface mount parts on circuit boards. Centroid data is the machine file in ASCII text format which comprise reference designator, X , Y , rotation, top or bottom side of the board. This data enables our PCB Assembly engineers to proceed with surface mount assembly in an accurate manner. 

      The centroid data file contains all the information regarding the position and orientation of every surface mount component on the circuit board. It consists X location and Y location, the reference designator, rotation and side of PCB top or bottom. The centroid file should contain data only with respect to surface mount components. This file is required to place a component on the circuit board. 

      The basic format for the Centroid file with data should be in the following order :

        ? “Value/Package”

        ? ”Location X”
        ? ”Location Y”
        ? ”Rotation”
        ? ”Layer”
        ? ”Reference Designator”
      For example : “10μF/2312″,”30.48″,”38.1″,”90.0″,”Bottom”,”C1″ 

      The XY location information is in mil, inche or mm and it is calculated from a given board origin. The rotation is in degrees 0, 45, 90, etc. The layer side is usually defaulted to the top side, but can be expressed as top/bottom or 0/1 is used by some CAD systems. The XY information should signify the center of the component. As this detail is used by pick-n-place machine to place the components. 

      We have trained our resources in all the important functions of circuit board assembly. Thus, we are capable to create centroid data for you. We work towards the complete satisfaction for our customers. Bittele formulates affordable price structure for the consumers. We do not intend to burden our customers with unnecessary charges. We create centroid data for you without levying any additional charges depending upon the files received. 

      We require Gerber file for creating centroid data. If you need any additional information regarding data requirements for centroid file creation, please mark an email to sales88@greattong.com. We will explain you the entire process. 

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